Character County!™ Productions

Study Guides

These Study Guides may be used before or after the show to introduce and reinforce the character concepts taught in the assembly program.

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General Guide for all our Shows

Character County!™ connects with these curriculums: Character Education, Language Arts, Music, and Social Studies.

Character Education: Character County!™ shows supplement the character education curriculum in elementary schools.

Language Arts: New words, as related to character education, are defined and used. Spelling is a large part of one song from each show.

Music: Several different styles of music are used and many of the lessons taught are conveyed in the lyrics.

Social Studies: Several true stories and quotes from historical figures around the world support the social studies curriculum.

Program Objectives

Overview of Art Forms

Art forms used in these programs include various styles of music / lyrics, the use of large, full-body hand puppets, storytelling and drama.

Pre-Performance Questions

Post-Performance Activities


20 Teachable Virtues, Barbara C. Unell and Jerry L. Wyckoff, Ph.D.
Teaching Your Children Values, Linda and Richard Eyre

Specific Guides For Character County!™ Shows

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