Study Guide for Welcome to Character County!

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Program Summary

In this assembly program, the artist will interact with nine large, full-body puppets in lively songs, eye-opening stories and humorous dialogue explaining why character is important and then teach the qualities of empathy, respect, manners, courage, honesty, responsibility and excellence. The colorful props, puppets and fast-paced, entertaining format holds the attention of the audience throughout the 45-minute program. Each character quality has its own song that describes that quality in depth. The songs are upbeat and a variety of styles of music make this show fun while key character concepts are taught. There are opportunities for whole audience participation and several children will be invited on stage during one segment in each show.

Vocabulary Words

Character: the distinctive qualities of a person. "What you do, what you say, the way you behave when no one else is looking shows what your character is really like."

Empathy: feeling what other people feel and caring about their feelings. "Empathy is just a fancy word that means caring about how others feel!"

Respect: honor, esteem, consideration, regard. "We should treat each other the way we want to be treated ourselves." "If it's not yours, don't touch it."

Courage: to meet a challenge without giving in to fear. "Be the YOU that you were meant to be!"

Honesty: truthfulness and sincerity. "Don't just tell things that are true. Always tell the TRUTH." "If you're honest honest with yourself; if you're honest honest with others and don't try to fool them, you build good character and a good name for yourself. But the fastest way to lose your good character and your good name is to lose your honesty."

Responsibility: owning up to your own words and actions. "Being responsible means you do your work BEFORE you play and you own up to your own actions. If you make a mistake, you simply admit that you made a mistake and you don't go around saying things like "well, he made me do it" or blame others.

Excellence: an unusual good quality or feature. "Excellence is not perfection. Excellence is doing whatever you can, with whatever you have, whenever you can!"