Study Guide for Learning to Live in Character County!

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Program Summary

In this assembly program written for the older elementary school age students, the artist will interact with the audience while using numerous unique visual illustrations. Part of the illustrations include the use of full-body puppets for role playing with much of the program being supported by an upbeat musical underscore appealing to older kids. This show is more serious than the "Character County!" shows for K-2nd, but it maintains an element of fun without "talking down" to the older students. The character lessons taught include loyalty, honor, obedience, coping and communication.

Of particular interest are the true stories and situations applicable to older students and the opportunities for whole audience participation make this show engaging and fun.

Vocabulary Words

Loyalty: being faithful and true to one's family, friends, community and government; doing what you say you will do; constant.

Honor: a source of credit or distinction; high respect as for worth, merit or rank; special recognition, respect.

Obedience: the state or quality of being submissive to authority; the act of readily complying with the wishes, instructions or commands.

Coping: facing or dealing with problems calmly and adequately. "Don't sweat the small stuff. Most of the time, it's all small stuff."

Communication: the interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs.