Study Guide for Down Home in Character County!

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Program Summary

In this assembly program, the artist will interact with eleven large, full-body puppets in lively songs, eye-opening stories and humorous dialogue teaching eight different character qualities. The colorful props and puppets capture the audience and the fast-paced, entertaining format holds their attention throughout the 45-minute program. The qualities taught include punctuality, attitudes, kindness, diligence, perseverance, discipline, patriotism and cooperation and each word has its own song that describes that quality in depth. The songs are upbeat and a variety of styles of music make this show fun while key character concepts are taught. There are opportunities for whole audience participation and several children will be invited on stage during one segment in the show.

Vocabulary Words

Punctuality: promptness; "being where you are supposed to be at the appointed time." "when you're late, you make others wait on you. Being late basically shows you're selfish because you're thinking only of yourself and what you need or want."

Attitudes: a way of thinking, acting or feeling. "only 10% of your life is what happens to you and 90% of your life is your reaction to what comes true." "you cannot change the time, but you can change your mind and your troubles quickly fade. And when life gives you lemons then the best you can do is just make lemonade!"

Kindness: the quality of doing good, being friendly or being sympathetic. "if all the world was just like you, not better or worse, but just like you, what kind of world would we live in?"

Diligence/Perseverance: consistent attention to quality work/ working hard without giving up. "If you don't have time to do it right the first time, tell me, when are you going to have time to do it over again?"

Discipline: training, especially training of the mind or character. "There are some rules we all need to know; they help us follow the way we should go. It takes practice and lots of mistakes, but if we try, we'll soon have what it takes. Discipline. Discipline."

Patriotism: respectful devotion to one's country. "Be proud of your heritage, but equally proud of this country, America, that you now call 'home'. Like a beautiful flower, you should bloom where you're planted and help make this nation stronger by being the best YOU that you can be!"

Cooperation: working together for a common purpose. "When we cooperate, we build a team and T.E.A.M. really means 'Together, Everyone Accomplishes More!'