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Reviews for Character County!™

"Character County!™ goes beyond the mere teaching of values and invites kids to catch the spirit of living positive character traits. I was impressed by the fun in the presentation combined with the obviously heart-felt messages. The song that really got to the heart of the matter says 'what you said was true, but was it the truth?' The staff at my school talked for several days about the presentation....its professionalism, its technical perfection, its messages and how much the children enjoyed and profited from it.

Cris Force
Counselor, King Springs Elementary School

Outstanding, a lot of fun and a great way to teach the students about having good character. I have already had the opportunity to mention it in class: ‘what would they say about that in Character County?’ Thank you very much!

Mary Pat
4th Grade Teacher

We were so lucky to have found out about your Character County!™ presentation... The feedback we got from our students was very positive. Students learned a great deal about empathy, courage, respect and responsibility in such a fun way. They really loved the puppets...Many mentioned the giraffe and the 'little hairy red guy who comes out up top.' Please feel free to have anyone call us if they are wondering about your program...we'll give you the highest recommendation.

Sheila Veitch
Counselor, Vaughan Elementary School

Inspiring... education for the heart and mind.

Lynn McWhorter
Principal, Cobb County Schools

Wonderful!! Terrific!! I enjoyed the program! Great program! These were some of the comments heard from teachers after the Character County! programs were presented at Lincoln Elementary Magnet School. A Kindergarten teacher said: "One child looked at me with their mouth open in surprise. He was surprised and shocked that Patti had said the exact same things I had been telling him all year. It was worth it just to see the look on his face."

As the counselor here at Lincoln, teachers have been congratulating me and telling me what a good job I did. All I did was contact Patti about presenting her Character County! programs. The teachers loved the programs. I heard 2 third grade teachers saying they were going to wear out Patti's phrase "it's either obedience or it's disobedience." My Principal was so impressed with the programs that she bought each of Patti's cds and teacher guides to be housed in our media center for teachers to use. Teachers loved the programs so much that they bought copies of the cds as well. We are looking forward to having Patti come back next year and do one of her other programs. Character County! is definitely worth it!"

Stacy Klias
Counselor, Lincoln Elementary Magnet School - Albany, GA.

Some programs are just "cute", but this one had some real meat to it.

2nd grade Teacher, Gwinnett County School System

Character County!™ is a wonderful entertaining puppet show for children and adults alike. This musical performance has humorous lyrics and fantastic original tunes that range in style from country to rap. Most importantly, it uses real stories and situations that epitomize the importance of good character and good character traits....As a parent, and as an elementary school teacher, I think it is one of the most enjoyable musical performances I've seen...Character County!™ is a great teaching aide, addressing issues that are necessary in daily life!

Dan Wehr
Music Teacher, Sedalia Park Elementary School

It is with much pleasure that I recommend the Character County!™ program. This program engages all K-5 students through song, puppets, and meaningful dialogue. Your students and staff will leave the assembly ready for some great discussion on how their character counts everyday.

Dr. Patricia Thomas
Principal, Sedalia Park Elementary

Getting Along in Character County! is an outstanding school arts program for 4th & 5th graders. Patti Snyder's program is professional and highly entertaining. As she reinforces some of the most valuable issues of character and good choices, she keeps the children enthralled. I would recommend her program to any school.

Mrs. Barrie Davenport
School Arts Program Parent Volunteer, Roswell North Elementary School

We loved it! What a great way to explain the meaning of each of the character ed. words.

kindergarten teacher

I think it was a wonderful program! The presenter was very energetic and talented.

3rd grade teacher

I loved it! I thought it was a very good program and kept the kids entertained while sending a very good message.

5th Grade Teacher

Love, love, love this program! Patti was awesome and the kids were begging to hear the songs afterwards. I think she covered some tough topics like good character, empathy, courage and honesty. I would love to have her back!

Kindergarten Teacher

I thought it was outstanding! This one woman show captivated the audience with endless creativity. The lesson was enhanced by her harmonious delivery.


Reviews for Down Home in Character County

I think it is terrific that there are music CD's available that help teach children good life skills, but are also fun to listen to. The music on this CD is easy to listen to, and the children enjoyed listening to the speaking portions as well. The speaking portions of the CD add interest and encourage good listening skills. The cover art is well done, the lyrics to the music as well as some of the speaking portions are included on the inside cover of the CD, allowing children to read as they listen. Well done! It is great to have products available that help teach young children, and adults, that good manners and character are important.

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

The positive characteristics of this CD was the music was very upbeat and I caught the children dancing and singing to it even when the CD was no longer on.

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

The CD tells stories to show kids the power of developing positive characteristics, such as manners, good attitude, discipline, patriotism and cooperation. The voices are interesting and the music upbeat and fun. A great way to get kids to really pay attention and not only have fun, but learn in the process.

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

Reviews for Getting Along in Character County

The songs promote positive and moral characters and explain in kid terms how to be helpful, peaceful and kind. It also talks about tough subjects in a very positive and informative way.

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

The most positive characteristic of this product is the message it portrays to the children who evaluated it. It was fun and captivating and although it passed a message along to the children who listened to it, the CD was not "preachy."

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

The CD has wonderful music and a great message in character development. The themes of helpfulness, friendship, tolerance, bullying, sharing, peacemaking, and being flexible were all easily identified with a clear message. The CD is a valuable way to reach more children with this message. It would be useful for a classroom teacher or social worker.

iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

Student Reviews for Character County!™

It was funny.

1st grader

Character County!™ was very interesting to watch and it was active and I think it will show kids how good they can be!

4th grader

Awesome show!

5th grader

It was the best play I ever saw...the songs were very creative.

4th grader