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Welcome to Character County CD Down Home in Character County CD Getting Along in Character County CD
Through lively songs and eye-opening stories, kids will discover why character is so important and will then learn about EMPATHY, RESPECT, MANNERS, COURAGE, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY, and EXCELLENCE.


Down Home in Character County! is an honored recipient of an iParenting Media Award.

Children learn about relationships with others through HELPFULNESS, FRIENDSHIPS, TOLERANCE, BULLYING, PEACEMAKING, FLEXIBILITY, and becoming PALM TREE PEOPLE.

Getting Along in Character County! is a distinguished iParenting Media Award Winner.

Welcome to Character County!™
#CC1 - $7.95

Free Teacher's Guide with CD

Down Home in Character County!™
#CC2 - $7.95

Free Teacher's Guide with CD

Getting Along in Character County!™
#CC3 - $7.95

Free Teacher's Guide with CD

Titles on this CD

  • Welcome to Character County!
  • What is Character?
  • The Turtle & The Scorpion Story
  • Character Counts!
  • Say Hello to Stu!
  • We All Need Empathy
  • Respect/Manners Dialogue
  • Don't Burp in Public!
  • A Situation Needing Courage
  • The Courage Rap
  • Sparkles Learns About Honesty
  • Deal With Others Honestly
  • The Responsibility Talk
  • Let's Talk About What We've Talked About
  • Aim for Excellence!
  • The Challenge to Aim for Excellence

Running Time: 33:31

Titles on This CD

  • Welcome to Character County!
  • Punctuality / Where's Ms. Patti?
  • I Shoulda Coulda Woulda
  • Attitudes affect Altitude?
  • Blinko Sells Balloons
  • You Need A Good Attitude!
  • Speaking of Attitudes...
  • It Just Ain't Polite to be Rude
  • Diligence, Perseverance & True Examples
  • You Gotta Take the Time
  • Tiffany & Nate Talk about Discipline
  • The Truck Driver Rap
  • Discipline Rock
  • Grandpa Talks about Patriotism
  • We Wanted Freedom
  • Cooperation
  • The Challenge / Wrap Up

Running Time: 30:46

Titles on This CD

  • Welcome to Character County!
  • H E L P F U L N E S S
  • Grandpa Talks about Helpfulness
  • Choose Your Friends Carefully
  • Oooh, Look at Doodles...
  • The Tolerance Rap
  • Bully Boogie
  • The Elephant Story / Peacemaking
  • We've Got to Share the Game
  • Flexibility / Palm Tree People
  • Let's Review / Wrap Up

Running Time: 27:46