Character County!™ Productions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Character County?
Character County! is the name given to a series of highly educational and delightfully entertaining musical programs teaching character education to kids in grades K-5th. Two shows are age-appropriate for K-2 and two shows are especially for 3-5. "Who Me? A Bully???™" and "Career Gear™" are for all K-5 students.
Q. Do you have special programs for PreSchools?
Not exactly, but the show, Welcome to Character County! can be easily adapted to be suitable for preschool ages. It has been used in a number of preschools with great success.
Q. How long does each show last?
Each show is 45 min. long. It's best to schedule them with 15 minutes between shows to allow the first group to leave and the second group to enter. Most of my stage changes for two different shows for primary and intermediate students can occur during this 15 minute break.
Q. Since you use puppets, don't the 5th graders feel "talked down to"?
The shows for 3rd-5th grades are Getting Along in Character County! and Learning to Live in Character County! and are more mature in nature with poignant stories and life situations relevant for their age group. Most older kids actually do enjoy the way I use puppets and additional props in these shows.
Q. What are your policies concerning audience size and performance area?
I recommend an audience size of no more than 350 attendees. Gym floors, cafeterias and the like are fine and it's best if children sit on the floor. I do not require a stage. Performance area needs to be indoors; 25 ft. wide and 15 ft. deep with an electrical outlet nearby. I also provide all of my own sound equipment.
Q. What are your fees?
One show: $400; two shows back to back: $600; $200 per additional show at the same location. Travel within the Atlanta area is free. Minimal travel expense for day trips over 50 miles from Marietta; please call for a quote. Overnight fees required for bookings over 3 hrs. from Marietta. Call for quote. You may split the travel cost with another school in your area by booking shows on two consecutive days. Click here for more booking and fee information.
Q. Our school has very limited funds. Do you have any ideas for funding?
Many schools use PTA/PTO funds for Cultural Arts programs. Others get funding from ASP collections, Principal's funds, Counselor allotments and Partners-in-Education grants. Some schools have county funds for arts programs; some use money for Safe & Drug Free School programs. If funds are a problem, please call me as I may have other suggestions.
Q. How soon could you come to our school?
Give me a call as soon as you have an idea when you want me to come. Please have at least three possible dates in mind.